PHOTOS: A day in the life of a new Cincinnati firefighter at Station 12

Almost two years after her first admission test, six months of drill school and nine weeks on the job, Keshia Terry is still waiting to fight her first fire.
    The closest the 27-year-old came to putting out a blaze since becoming a Cincinnati firefighter was a vehicle fire. A coworker let her take the lead, showing her how to hold the nozzle and extinguish the flames.
    The ordeal was over in minutes.
    Her company has responded to several fire calls, but none have turned out to be actual fires. Since witnessing her first fire at drill school, she's been anxious to finally fight one of her own.
    "I remember them saying my eyes were huge and wide open... taking everything in," she said.
    Fighting fires, however, is not the only aspect of her new profession. From car accidents to heart attacks, firefighters are first on the scene, and with each new experience, Terry is learning how to save lives.

This first year in her career will be one of many firsts, but the Forest Park resident is committed to the challenge.

"I like the whole aspect of saving people as well as doing something for the greater good. If I'm going to work hard and put a lot of effort into whatever it is that I do, it might as well be towards helping people," said Terry.

Insiders can follow along in Terry's journey in the photo essay below.


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