Kentucky pooch survives plunge into icy pond, makes new forever friend

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- We've all heard of the Polar Bear Plunge, held in cities where freezing temperatures meet large bodies of water, and people jump in to say they've done it.

It's not the Pooch Plunge, but a lucky dog in Lexington, Ky. thought he'd give the daring jump a try.

The dog found his way into an icy pond and was soon in big trouble. A man came to the dog's rescue and risked his own life to get the dog to safety.

Travis Wright was driving down a road that runs along the pond when he saw the dog struggling to stay above the frozen water. The hero jumped into action and said the dog went head under water three times during the fight.

"And every time he'd go down, he would coming up spitting water out of his nose," Wright said. "And, as I was busting the ice, I kept going, 'Hold on, buddy. I'm coming. Hold on, buddy. I'm coming'!"

As one might expect, the dog has been named "Lucky."

It looks like Lucky might have a new home - a home with his hero.

As Wright put it, he and Lucky were just meant to be together.

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