Neighbor helps pull man to safety from Villa Hills condo fire

CRESCENT SPRINGS, Ky. -- A fire at a Villa Hills condominium complex Friday evening destroyed at least three homes of a six-unit building, and called for a brave neighbor's help.

The fire started at Prospect Point, in the 2800 block of Cliffview Drive,

Fire crews from Fort Mitchell, Crescent Springs and Erlanger fought the blaze, which started at about 6 p.m. They said a man was asleep in his home, an end unit, when the fire started.

A next-door neighbor helped rescue a man from the burning condo, and shot a video of the blaze with his cellphone after running from door to door to help people get out.

"My son looks out the back window and realized the neighbors house is on fire, flames shooting out the back bottom door," Brian Whitaker said. "When I peaked in the doors, you couldn't even see in. It was pure white smoke with flames coming along the roof."

'He was conscious," Whitaker said of the neighbor. "He was a little disoriented. You could tell he must have been sleeping and woke up. The smoke may have got to him a little bit. What's we got him oriented and he knew what was going on, we got him up here and basically went door to door getting everybody out."

No one was hurt.

Six families are unable to return home Friday night.

Investigators were unable to immediately determine the fire's cause.

Asst. Chief Chuck Ditz of the Fort Mitchell Fire Department said, "The police officer did talk to the resident and he said he was asleep on the couch, woke up, smelled smoke, saw some fire, attempted to put it out with some water and other things ... I'm not sure what ... and immediately exited the building and called 911."

WCPO reporter Jason Law spoke to Whitaker and members of the fire crew on scene.

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