Judge executive candidates debate hot topics, amidst finger-pointing and name-calling

Candidates take public stance in a political dance

PARK HILLS, Ky. – What started out as a series of lively debates between judge executive candidates —and the issues plaguing their respective counties —ended with verbal blows between the two men running for the Kenton County seat.

“We have a lack of leadership. We have a lack of leadership with integrity,” said Kris Knochelmann, Republican candidate for Kenton County judge executive. “We’re not going to have bullying, intimidation or arrogant actions.” 

To which his opponent and incumbent Steve Arlinghaus, also a Republican, rebutted:

“Calling me arrogant and a bully… it’s a little disappointing, disheartening to use those words,” he said. “Very discouraged by that type of leadership—if that’s what you’re looking for then I’m in the wrong business folks. I shouldn’t be here.” 

Center to the debate—as was the case in each debate for judge executive candidates in Campbell and Boone counties — were the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport, the Brent Spence Bridge and the region's overall economic development and the escalating issue of heroin abuse in the region. 

The Kentucky primary is May 20. 

Insiders can read about what candidates vowed they would do if elected and more about the Kenton County debate that turned into finger-pointing.

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