Fort Wright's most patrolled road still one of its most dangerous, neighbors say

FORT WRIGHT, Ky. -- For years residents living along East Henry Clay Avenue have been concerned about the volume and speed of vehicles traveling on their street.

Those concerns came to a head Sunday night when a drunk driver plowed through Brennan Scanlon's yard, hitting a large rock before traveling into his neighbor's property, according to Fort Wright police.

"It was this rock that stopped the drunk driver coming directly through here, hitting that house,” Scanlon said Tuesday. “And in that very same yard, one hour earlier . . . my neighbor and his first grader play ball."

A short time later police tracked down and arrested the driver, 26-year-old Gumercindo Diaz-Morales for OVI.

The street acts as a secondary cut through between Kyles Lane near I-75 and Highland Avenue that heads into Covington.

Scanlon says its just one of many examples of unlawful behavior by drivers.

"The bigger issue is not from the residents perspective, they manage that speed limit and the police do sit down here and monitor it, but those who do not live here care less about the speed and use the opportunity to go as fast as possible," Scanlon said.

Neighbor Debbie Dorning also witnesses speeders on East Henry Clay from her front porch.

"Every morning I sit and wait for the little neighbor that I watch and they go down the road and around the curb,” she said. “And every car goes right down the middle of the curb and they are not going 25 miles per hour. It's amazing that two cars haven't crashed."

In 2013, Fort Wright commissioned a traffic study of the area. As a result, they made several improvements, including increasing the size and number of existing speed limit signs.

Police increased patrols making it the most enforced city street in Fort Wright, according to officers.

But residents fear it's not enough.

“I can guarantee you, it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt," Scanlon said.

Fort Wright City Administrator Gary Huff says the city is sympathetic with the concerns of residents and is willing to revisit the issue of how to keep residents on East Henry Clay safe.

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