Mercedes Benz of Fort Mitchell opens in Northern Kentucky

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. -- If its grand opening was any indication, the new Mercedes Benz of Fort Mitchell dealership is not your average car lot.

Thursday night’s opening event was all about the red carpet, speeches and celebrating the birth of a new high-end business in Northern Kentucky.

It also celebrated the death a crumbling hotel that once called the dealership’s location along Dixie Highway home.

Before it was torn down, the USA Hotel was considered an eyesore and social blight by many residents of the community.

"When I took office, one of the things we were dealing with was the USA Hotel and we had a lot of incidents there," said Chris Weist, mayor of Fort Mitchell. "It was a terrible place."

Theft, prostitution and drugs all plagued the run-down building, said Weist who called the place a "dump." He said the number of complaints the city received went down significantly after the hotel was torn down. 

However, while he wanted to get rid of the hotel, Weist wasn’t sure at first if he wanted it replaced with a “car lot.” But after talking to people associated with the business, he ultimately changed his mind.

"I sat down and I talked with the owner and talked to some of the folks involved in it, and I think we saw this wasn't your usual car lot," he said.

At the very least, it's a high-end car dealership that won't draw crime to the neighborhood, Weist said.

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