Toyota Motor Corp. departure to leave deep economic impact

ERLANGER, Ky. -- In a shock to most of Northern Kentucky, Toyota Motor Corp. announced Monday it is closing its manufacturing headquarters in Erlanger. 

Here's the high points:

How many local jobs are lost? 1,600. Only 300 will be ultimately stay in Kentucky with those engineers moved to the car manufacturer's Georgetown, Ky. plant.

Where will the jobs go? 1,000 to Texas, 250 to Michigan and 300 to Georgetown, Ky. 

When will this happen: By 2017.

How much does Toyota contribute to the economy of Northern Kentucky? The city of Erlanger reports it will lose about $1.6 million in tax revenue annually. The regional total will be about $3 million in loss of payroll taxes. Read an analysis of that loss in this WCPO Insider piece by Bob Driehaus.

Who else will be impacted? It is nearly impossible to know the total impact on local businesses, real estate, schools as well as the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. But charities will be impacted in the region. The Erlanger Toyota facility was annually one of United Way's top 25 supporters in the region, and the largest in Northern Kentucky, donating more than $625,000 in 2013 alone.

Why didn't Kentucky get the jobs that moved to Texas? The state of Texas offered $40 million in incentives to lure Toyota headquarters from both Kentucky and California. Erlanger was dismissed as the location for consolidation plans because the area was too small to handle the growth, according to a report on Dallas television station WFAA.

How long was this in the works: Toyota began exploring its relocation plans last May, according to WFAA.

Did Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear know about this? Like many in the state, Beshear's office said they were caught off guard. In a public statement, Beshear said Kentucky was never given an opportunity to counter Texas’s offer.

How many Toyota jobs will remain in Kentucky? 8,200 after the move.

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'Around Erlanger, we depend on Toyota'


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