Addicted in Northern Kentucky: An epidemic soars, destroying everything in its wake

N.Ky. Voice: Austin & Amber finding a new high

From prom queen to heroin queen.

From Pokeman to pills.

One gram of heroin is the size of a sugar packet and cost approximately $200 a pop. In his prime, Austin Botts shot up a couple grams a day. It all started when he was 12 years old and ended with a gun pointed to his head and a needle in his arm.

After burying countless friends, one N.Ky. couple recovers from their heroin addiction, together, while planning for their future--a future they didn't see nearly a decade ago.

Become a WCPO Insider and learn how the young couple struggled and made it out alive--and how their story isn't a rare tale. Learn how the region is combating the epidemic that has taken up residency in N.Ky., leading the rest of the Commonwealth.

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