Living in Edgewood: Where the sidewalk never ends and the mayor has served for two decades

EDGEWOOD, Ky. - Editor's Note: Readers may have noticed that our regular feature, "Meet the Mayor," has been missing for about a month. We put the series on hiatus, reworked it, and now are pleased to bring you "Living In..." in its place each Wednesday.

At age 70, Mayor John Link is dedicated to the residents of Edgewood. Although he grew up in Chicago, he and his wife moved to Edgewood in 1974 where he thought his four children could be raised in a pleasant community. By 1976, Link was elected to city council where he served until 1982. After a sabbatical, he returned to politics in 1991, ran for mayor in 1993 and began a twenty-year term lasting to this day.


In the 1990s, Link started what he considers his biggest contribution: A sidewalk program which encircles the entire city.

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