Tough Covington neighborhood speaks up for its shooting victims, helps police

Chief thanks residents for leading them to suspect

COVINGON, Ky. - The folks who live on the hardscrabble 300 block of East 13th Street are no strangers to violence.

A streetside memorial is testament to its latest victim.

"He was jovial kind of guy. Laugh all the time you know."

Randolph "Noodles" Hughes, 30, was shot to death Monday afternoon.

Unlike some communities that turn a blind eye, this neighborhood spoke up, leading police to two suspects: 23 year old Erik Tucker and 22-year-old Reginald Ealy.

Both were later arrested and charged with the murder of Hughes.

Police Chief Michael "Spike" Jones said the credit goes to the neighborhood.

"The community at large, they came together once again, as they always do in the City of Covington and worked with us," Jones said.

"I'm not afraid to speak up," said Rosemary Green.

Green has strong reason to do so.

"I grew up here. My mother, my family, I went to church here," Green said.

Even though they were living in Florence, the suspects are new to the area. In fact, they're not even from Kentucky.

"Tucker and Elay had recently relocated from Chicago," Jones said.

Why they shot Hughes and what they were doing in Kentucky in the first place is still being figured out.

In the meantime, Green is keeping an eye out.  She said a few arrests don't change the fact that her neighborhood is still a rough one.

"The ones that are still out here, they're going to have to rethink their program of life, you know? Because it's going to happen again," Green said.

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