Kenton Co. Clerk: It's my responsibility to make this a better place to live, to make a difference

N.Ky. Voice: Gabrielle Summe honored by alma mater

COVINGTON, Ky. – County Clerk Gabrielle Summe sits at her desk in the Kenton County Administrative Building, barely able to see over the mounds of redistricting paperwork and precinct mapping—it’s her busiest time of year.

It’s election season. 

But no amount of filing, paperwork and registering voters has stopped her from making her community her responsibility—by giving back and making the change she wants to see where she lives.

And for that, Summe  was honored by her alma mater, Notre Dame Academy in Villa Hills, Ky., as a ‘Woman Making A Difference.' She is a 1984 graduate of all-girls Catholic school. In its 13th year, the award recognizes graduates who have made significant contributions to their careers, their families and their communities.

Growing up, she observed her family pave the way for change and now she is paving the way for the next generation.

“It’s part of my responsibility of where I live to make it a better place to live,” said Summe.

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