Jared Murray, Holmes High School band director, resigns amid investigation

Claims he's being defamed

COVINGTON, Ky. – Lawyers for a former Covington high school band director who resigned Tuesday say he is being defamed.

Former Holmes High School Band Director Jared Murray is under investigation by police for a case involving a student, but detectives would not release the details of the investigation.

Attorney Chris Roach is representing Murray until high-profile attorney Eric Deters’ suspension in Kentucky is lifted on Nov. 10.  Roach was Deters’ co-counsel in the Sarah Jones case against thedirty.com

“Murray is innocent of any and all crimes,” Deters’ office said Friday. “(He) is being defamed by a false accuser, members of the Covington School system and members of the general public pertaining to this matter.”

Murray’s lawyers said he is willing and able to cooperate with any investigation, but he has not been asked for an interview by law enforcement.

Deters’ office is calling the case against Murray a “scandal” and say it involves his accuser, the mother of his accuser and a member of the Covington School District.

“The student (Murray) believes is involved in this has a long history of bad behavior,” Murray’s lawyers said.

Murray’s lawyers added that he will sue the Covington School District.

Cam Miller, whose son took band from Murray, defended the former director.

"I've known him for six or seven years now. He's a man of great character and integrity," Miller told 9 On Your Side's Jay Warren.

"He does what's best for the kids and he always has. He's with them in the summertime from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. sometimes and there's never been any problems. He's just an outstanding person." 


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