Eye on politics: See who's running in 2014 primary election in Kentucky

More than 850 candidates filed to fill 300 offices

FRANKFORT, Ky. – More than 850 candidates have filed in the Bluegrass state for May’s primary election statewide and locally, hoping to get their chance to make a difference in Kentucky.

At the top of that list are seven candidates vying for a seat in the US Senate to represent the commonwealth from Washington, D.C.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, a Democrat originally from Mason County, Ky., will run against the winner of the Republican ticket up for grabs in Kentucky's Primary Election on May 20 if she beats out her primary ballot contenders. She will be up against fellow Democrats Tom Recktenwald, Burrel Farnsley and Gregory Leichty -- all hailing from Louisville.


Incumbent Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Republican of Louisville, will take on challengers Matt Bevin, also of Louisville, Gurley Martin of Owensboro, James Bradley Copas of Lexington, Chris Payne of Salvisa, Ky., and Shawna Sterling of Sharpsburg, Ky.

In order to be placed on the ballot for the May 20 primary election, candidates from across the commonwealth had to file to Secretary Grimes’ office or their county clerk's office by 4 p.m. on Jan. 28, including Grimes herself.

Here’s a look at those who filed in hopes of dominating Kentucky’s primary ballot in May:

U.S. Senator
Burrel Farnsley, Democrat
Alison Lundergan Grimes, Democrat
Gregory Brent Leichty, Democrat
Tom Recktenwald, Democrat
Matt Bevin, Republican
James Bradley Copas, Republican
Chris Payne, Republican
Shawna Sterling, Republican
Gurley Martin, Republican
Mitch McConnell, Republican

U.S. Representative (By district)
Ed Whitfield, Republican, 1
Wesley Seaton Bolin, Democrat, 1
Charles Kendall Hatchett, Democrat, 1
Ron Leach, Democrat, 2
S. Brett Guthrie, Republican, 2
John A. Yarmouth, Democrat, 3
E. Ray Pierce, Democrat, 3
Michael Macfarlane, Republican, 3
Peter Newberry, Democrat, 4
Thomas Massie, Republican, 4
Kenneth S. Stepp, Democrat, 5
Billy Ray Wilson, Democrat, 5
Harold “Hal” Rogers, Republican, 5
Andy Barr, Republican, 6
Elisabeth Jensen, Democrat, 6
Geoffrey M. “Geoff” Young, Democrat, 6

State Senator (Only even-numbered districts on ballot)
(NKY Districts only: Boone- 11; Campbell- 24; Kenton- 17, 23)
Jason Michael Steffen, Democrat, 24
Wil Schroder, Republican, 24
Deb Sheldon, Republican, 24
Brandon N. Voelker, Republican, 24

State Representative
(NKY Districts only: Boone- 60, 66, 69; Campbell- 68, 67; Kenton- 61, 63, 64, 65)
Rick W. Rand, Democrat, 47
Sal Santoro, Republican, 60
Diane St. Onge, Republican, 63
Thomas Robert Kerr, Republican, 64
Arnold Simpson, Democrat, 65
David Martin, Republican, 66
Addia Wuchner, Republican, 66
Dennis Keene, Democrat, 67
Joseph M. Fischer, Republican, 68
Shae Hornback, Democrat, 68
Adam Koenig, Republican, 69
Mitchel B. “Mike” Denham, Democrat, 70
Thomas M. McKee, Democrat, 78
Mark Hart, Republican, 78

Justice of the Supreme Court (District 6-all non-partisan)
Teresa L. Cunningham, 6
Michelle M. Keller, 6

Judge of the Court of Appeals (District 6-all non-partisan)
Justin Sanders, 6
Joy Moore, 6
Allison Jones, 6

Circuit Judge (Districts 15, 16, 17, 18, 19-all non-partisan)
William R. Adkins, 15
R. Leslie Knight, 15
John Brent Threlkeld, 15
Jason Hiltz, 16
Kathy Lape, 16
Mary K. “Kate” Molloy, 16
James T. Redwine, 16
Robert A. Winter Jr., 16
Carl E. Knochelmann Jr., 16
Chris Mehling, 16 (Family Court)
Gregory M. Bartlett, 16
Patricia M. Summe, 16
Lisa Osborne Bushelman, 16 (Family Court)
Stephanie A. Dietz, 16 (Family Court)
Julie Reinhardt Ward, 17
Fred A. Stine, 17
Richard A. Woeste, 17 (Family Court)
Jay Delaney, 18
Sam W. Arnold, 18 (Family Court)
Heather Fryman, 18 (Family Court)
Barabara Paul, 18 (Family Court)
Eric Tedder, 18 (Family Court)
Stockton B. Wood, 19

District Judge (Districts 16, 17, 54-all non-partisan)
Christopher S. Nordloh, 16
Ann Ruttle, 16
Kenneth L. Easterling, 16
Douglas J. Grothaus, 16
Cameron J. Blau, 17
Gregory T. Popovich, 17
Karen A. Thomas, 17
Jeff Smith, 54
Charles Moore, 54

Locally, candidates entering county and city races filed with their county clerk. County officers, city legislative body members and several mayors are on the primary ballot this year.

For city council and city commission seats, primary tickets will only include those cities that have double-plus-one candidates filed as of the Jan. 28 deadline—for example if there are six seats, 13 candidates need to have filed by the deadline, to appear on the primary ballot. All other races with less than the required primary amount will only appear on the November ballot. Similarly, if there is only one candidate, or only one candidate from each party, they will not appear on the upcoming May ballot, but rather the November ballot.

In the commissioners (three districts) race, there is one seat for each commissioner district. Each of these seats will be on the primary ticket.

Below, are all those who filed by the deadline to be included on the May and November ballots. Those that are italicized will only appear on the November ticket.


Campbell County Property Valuation Administrator
Andrea Janovic, Democrat
Daniel Kent Braun, Republican
Tamara Bauwens, Republican

Campbell County Judge Executive
Kenneth L. Rechtin, Democrat
Kevin Sell, Republican
Steve Pendery, Republican

Campbell County Attorney
Steven J. Franzen, Republican

Campbell County Clerk
Marc Muench, Democrat
Rob Rummel, Democrat
Jim Luersen, Republican
Stu Stormer, Republican

Campbell County Sheriff
Scott Hildebrand, Democrat
Michael C. O’Day Sr., Democrat
Mike Jansen, Republican
Jeff Kidwell, Republican

Campbell County Jailer
M (ED) Hehman, Democrat
James A. Daley, Republican
David Joseph Guidugli, Republican

Campbell County Commissioner, Dist. 1
Rene Heinrich, Democrat
Brian Painter, Republican
Gail Otto, Republican

Campbell County Commissioner, Dist. 2
Charlie “Coach” Coleman, Republican
Pete Garrett, Republican
Melanie Steidel Pelle, Democrat

Campbell County Commissioner, Dist. 3
David Amamns, Democrat
Tom Lampe, Republican
Mark Ramler, Democrat

Campbell County Coroner
Mark G. Schweitzer, Republican
Matthew Cline, Democrat

Campbell County Surveyor
No candidates filed

Campbell County Justice of the Peace, 1st Magisterial District
Rajiim A. Gross, Democrat
Ginger O. Paul, Democrat

Campbell County Justice of the Peace, 2nd Magisterial District
Kathy Pinelo, Democrat

Campbell County Justice of the Peace, 3rd Magisterial District
Charles “Bud” Wilson, Democrat
Stan Jones, Republican

Campbell County Constable, Dist. 1
David Arthur, Republican
Ken Warden, Republican
John Loughmiller, Republican (WITHDREW)

Campbell County Constable, Dist. 2
Bill Draughn, Republican

Campbell County Constable, Dist. 3
Jim Delaney, Democrat
James (Jim) Peluso, Democrat
Roy T. Usleaman, Republican

Bellevue City Council (all non-partisan)
Stephen R. Guidugli
John Griess
Bill Helton
Melissa Tatum
Matthew D. Olliges
Ryan Salzman
Ryan Kunnen
J. Rodney Poytner
David Slater
Joseph Kevin Wright

Bellevue Mayor
Edward M. Riehl
Carol J. Rich

Dayton City Council
Anthony Vincent Cadle
Jeff Haas
Robert Reynolds
Jerry Gifford
William “Bill” Burns
Robert “Bobby” Allen
Cathy Lenz Volter
Dennis “Denny” Lynn
Penny Mastruserio Hurtt
Leslie R. Carr
Scott Beseler
Robert Burgess
Joseph Tucker
Jennifer Sierra
Joseph “Joe” Neary
Ben Baker

Dayton Mayor
Kenneth E. Rankle
Virgil L. Boruske

Fort Thomas City Council
Anthony Bonomini
Paul L. Whalen
Jeff Bezold
Adam M. Meier
Ken Bowman
John Muller
Lisa Kelly
Roger Peterman
Albert “Nick” Root

Fort Thomas Mayor
Eric Haas

Newport City Council
Beth Fennell
John C. Hayden
Frank Peluso
Thomas L. Guidugli
Robert McCray
Joseph Stallkamp
Kenneth Hornback

Alexandria Mayor
Barbara D. Weber



Boone County Judge Executive
Gary W. Moore, Republican
Matthew J. Dedden, Republican

Boone County Jailer
Edward Prindle, Republican
Scott Goodridge, Republican
Brian Landrum, Republican

Boone County Sheriff
Michael A. Helmig, Republican

Boone County Property Valuation Administrator
Cindy Arlinghaus, Republican

Boone County Clerk
Ramona B. Croushore, Republican
Kenny Brown, Republican
Jim Sallee, Republican

Boone County Attorney
Robert Neace, Republican

Boone County Justice of the Peace, 1st Magisterial District
Michael D. Harness, Republican

Boone County Justice of the Peace, 2nd Magisterial District
Pat Valentine, Republican
Eric Shane Grinnell, Republican

Boone County Justice of the Peace, 3rd Magisterial District
Susan Lynn Caldwell, Republican

Boone County Commissioner, Dist. 1
Anthony (Tony) Jones, Republican
Mike Bailey, Republican
Cathy Flaig, Republican
Christy Vogt Mollozzi, Republican
Adam Chaney, Republican

Boone County Commissioner, Dist. 2
Phyllis Sparks, Republican
Charles Kenner, Republican
Franklin Messer, Democrat

Boone County Commissioner, Dist. 3
Charlie Walton, Republican
Thomas E. Szurlinski, Republican

Florence Mayor
Diane Ewing Whalen, Non-Partisan

Florence City Council (all non-partisan)
David A. Osborne
Mel Carroll
J. Kelly Huff
Gary Winn
Duane Froelicher
Larry Brown
Julie Metzger Aubuchon
Jo Anne Henry-Bessette
Curt Bessette

Boone County Constable, 1st Magisterial District
David C. Flag, Republican
James L. Nelson III, Republican

Boone County Constable, 2nd Magisterial District
Ken Baumgartner, Republican

Boone County Constable, 3rd Magisterial District
Joe Kalil, Republican

Boone County Coroner
Douglas M. Stith, Republican

Boone County Surveyor
Thomas H. Bushelman Jr., Republican



Kenton County Attorney
Donald Nageleisen, Republican
Stacy Tapke, Republican
Sharif Abdrabbo, Republican

Kenton County Clerk
Gabrielle A. Summe, Republican

Kenton County Commissioner, Dist. 1
Daniel Bell, Republican
Beth Sewell, Republican

Kenton County Commissioner, Dist. 2
Jon E. Draud, Republican
Amy Heeger, Republican

Kenton County Commissioner, Dist. 3
Joe Koester, Republican
Joseph E. Nienaber Jr., Republican

Kenton County Constable, Dist. 1
Danny D. Cope, Republican

Kenton County Constable, Dist. 2
Richard J. Bohl, Republican
Gregory P. O’Gorman, Republican

Kenton County Constable, Dist. 3
Michael Joseph Moffitt, Republican

Kenton County Coroner
David W. Suetholz, Republican

Kenton County Jailer
Terry Carl, Republican

Kenton County Judge Executive
Steve Arlinghaus, Republican
Kris Knochelmann, Republican

Kenton County Magistrate, Dist. 1
Stephen Hoffman, Democrat

Kenton County Magistrate, Dist. 2
Mary Lou Blount, Republican
Timothy W. Saylor, Republican

Kenton County Magistrate, Dist. 3
Katherine W. Shumate, Republican

Kenton County Property Valuation Administrator
Darlene M. Plummer, Republican
Mark E. Vogt, Democrat

Kenton County Sheriff
Marc Chapman, Democrat
Seymour Fisk, Republican
Charles L. Korzenborn, Republican

Kenton County Surveyor
James M. Shumate, Republican
Gregory Barker, Democrat

Covington City Commissioner (all non-partisan)
Warner Allen
Jerry Bamberger
Christi Blair
Chas Brannen
Michael Gene Brosmore
Thomas R. Dorning
Chuck Eilerman
Steve Frank
Jordan Huizenga
Danny Jackson
G. Scot Jones
Brandon Mims
Greg Paeth
Mildred Rains
Bill Wells
Michelle A. Williams

Erlanger City Council (all non-partisan)—
Randy Blankenship
James H. Brown
Kevin Burke
Thomas Cahill
Kathy Cahill
John Dunhoft
Bill Howard
Victoria Kyle
Shane Longshore
Gary Meyer
Corine L. Pitts
Don Skidmore
Renee Skidmore
Jim Speier
Patty Suedkamp

Erlanger Mayor (all non-partisan)
Tyson Hermes
Thomas L. Rouse

Ft. Wright Mayor (all non-partisan)
David Hatter

Independence City Council (all non-partisan)
Bill Aseere
Thomas Brinker
Jim Bushong
Alan A. Daly
Lucas Deaton
Carol Franzen
Donna Yeager

Independence Mayor (all non-partisan)
Margaret Cook
Mike Little
Chris Reinersman


Key dates for Elections 2014:


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