Covington residents still seeking city's help after July floods

COVINGTON, Ky. - When it rains Covington resident Billy Madden knows trouble could come pouring down Russell Street on his family.

“It’s getting to be ridiculous. It’s always flooding and they are not wanting to pay for it. We keep getting more water and the more it rains the more it backs up in our basement,” said Madden.

Madden says his family can expect flood damage to occur at least a few times a year. He says it started to get bad three years ago.

“In 2010, we had six feet of water in our basement and our whole yard was under water it was going all the way up to our porch,” said Madden.

Over the years the flooding has cost his family thousands in losses, repairs and replacements. During July's heavy rainfall in the Tri-State, Madden was one of many Covington residents whose home was damaged by flooding.

Some residents, however, say they're still struggling to get help from the city.

Letters were recently sent to many homeowners rejecting their claims for assistance from the city of Covington. Madden's claims with Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky were no exception.

The sanitation district's insurer Collins & Company stated in a letter to claim filers the utility is not responsible for damages left behind from what they call the unusual rain event. So far only a few of the nearly 150 claims filed have been approved.

“My stepdad has had to take a couple days off of work....We let it go down and we clean it up.”

Madden says July's storms marked the fifth time his family had to clean and repair their home after serious flooding.

“I would just like to see them come down here and clean these sewers out maybe that would help a little bit,” added Madden.

Euclid Street resident Gene Hassler also experienced flooding in July. Hassler said he knew if his insurance didn't cover it he was on his own.

“It’s frustrating because every time it happens its the reoccurence of the same problem. There is nothing you can do to get away from it,” said Hassler.

9 On Your Side’s calls to Sanitation District No. 1 and Collins & Company out of Louisville were not returned Monday night.

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