Caroline Avenue resident may remain homeless until January

COVINGTON, Ky. – It is not looking like too merry of a Christmas for some residents who live along Caroline Avenue in Latonia.

Left homeless for ten days after a landslide knocked over a retaining wall and broke gas and water lines, the residents are growing increasingly frustrated with the city of Covington.

“"Our house is sitting in there with no gas, no electric, no water. Refrigerators, freezers and everything defrosted, and here we stand out here, freezing our tails off, begging for help,” said Peggy Owings, who lives in one of the affected houses.

Owings has lived on Caroline since 1942. She’s currently living with her nephew, but is ready to return home after city workers forced her to leave Dec. 13.

"When the bills were due you heard from them, but you ain't hearing from nobody now," she laments.

Judy Hite, whose anger continues to mount, echoed that sentiment as her and three other houses sit empty.

“I just want back home. I cry everyday over this, every day,” she said. “I live by myself and I need answers.”

Mike Yeager, Covington’s engineer, said his office notified residents about the progress the city is making to fix the problem created by the retaining wall collapse. He also said the fix is complex.

"Our assistant city manager has been in close contact with all of the owners,” Yeager said. “He's talking to the tenants as well, making sure they've got a place to stay and answering any questions they have."

Unfortunately, part of that answer is, residents like Hite and Owings will not be home by Christmas.

Yeager said engineers worked over the weekend to design a plan to fix the wall and broken utilities. Crews are scheduled to start construction by the first week of January.

And when will residents be back home on Caroline Avenue? By the end of the month, Yeager said.

His team is also still trying to determine what caused the slide in an area where construction was occurring at the time of the collapse.

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