Ex-Colerain teacher sentenced to two years for one count of sexual battery

Judge called Hautzenroeder 'stupid' after verdict

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio -- A former Colerain High School teacher was sentenced to two years in prison Wednesday after she was found guilty of sexual battery on a student.

Julie Hautzenroeder was accused of having sex with two 16-year-olds. The former biology teacher was later found guilty in November on one of two counts of sexual battery.

Judge Norbert Nadel ordered Hautzenroeder to report to prison on January 13 to begin her sentence. She will also have to register as a sex offender for life.

After jurors reached their verdict on Nov. 1, Nadel called Hautzenroeder "stupid" for her actions and said she not only "ruined" her career, but put the whole school district in jeopardy.

There was little emotion from Hautzenroeder when the guilty verdict was announced. It took jurors one day to decide.

Prosecutors think it may have been what Hautzenroeder said outside of court that convinced jurors of her guilt. Sexually-laced text messages exchanged between her and one of the students included talk of using drugs.

In closing arguments, prosecutor Josh Berkowitz said Hautzenroeder’s alleged sex acts with the two teens were intentional and not some accident. He said text messages between her and one of the students were "incredibly incriminating."

Hautzenroeder’s lawyer Stewart Mathews said she made serious lapses in judgment by inviting the teens to her Loveland condo.

One teen testified that his dream job was to be a porn star and that he was tweeting and texting his way through life in a "marijuana-induced fog."

Mathews also emphasized that Hautzenroeder consistently denied having sex with them. 

Hautzenroeder took the stand Oct. 30 and denied the two teens’ claims that she had sex, smoked pot and drank alcohol with them in her home last spring.

"One of the teens came up and started kissing me. I felt very uncomfortable. They persisted and said it was their fantasy," she said.

When the two teens testified, they described an evening of sex, pot and alcohol with the teacher.

"I thought it was cool to get with a teacher," one teen said.

They said they were lying naked on either side of Hautzenroeder in her bed and received sexual favors from her.

"Julie rolled over to me and she started giving me oral sex," one student said. "She said her house was like Vegas: what happens there stays there."

Day two of the trial began with testimony by Northwest Local School District Superintendent Andrew Jackson, who originally reported Hautzenroeder to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

"There were copies of text messages between Hautzenroeder and [student]," Jackson said. "There were texts suggesting drug use between Hautzenroeder and [student]."

Hautzenroeder worked for the Northwest Local School District since 2006. She was suspended in May after the sheriff's office began investigating her.

After Jackson's testimony, prosecutors played portions of a police interview with Hautzenroeder.

"We started talking," she said in the interview. "He began being flirtatious and I began being somewhat flirtatious and sarcastic."

Hautzenroeder said she "never had sex with teens" and told them to sleep on the couch. She said one of them climbed on top of her during the night. She also said she never served them alcohol and they brought the marijuana.

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