It's the little things: Community helps take some pain from Hebron storm victims

HEBRON, Ky. -- A family of four likely lost their home early Wednesday morning to flames caused by a serious storm, but neighbors were quick to comfort the Hebron family.

Lightning sent flames through a home on Rivermeade Drive shortly after 2 a.m., where Brian and Christie Berry lived with their two children and four dogs. 

As the sun came up, the damage became clear to the Berry's, as well as neighbors who lent a helping hand.

"There were three dramatic bolts of lightning that hit," neighbor Vince Stitzel said. "It's only natural that we all come up and see what we can do to help these folks out because it's devastating."

He offered his support to the Berry family and helped set up canopies in their yard, because they were unable to get back inside.

PHOTOS: Lightning causes house fire in Hebron

Help even came from complete strangers, including a man who rode up to the house on his motorcycle. Not too far behind him was another helper, school secretary Pat Clark. She saw the Berry's were without lunch, so she chipped in a couple pizzas. That way, the family wouldn't have to worry about getting hungry midday.

"We are a community, we all do things and we help each other out," Clark said. "That's what you do. When someone's hurting, you help them out."

Each contribution made the fire's aftermath a little easier to cope with for the Berry family. Brian, Christie, their four kids and dogs all made out safely. 

A fundraiser was set up to help the Berry family and donations are being taken online .

Thunder and lightning are often scary for families, especially when damaging fires can be part of the storm.

Families can strengthen their defense against a storm by purchasing a lightning rod system and surge protectors.

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A lightning rod system, which averages about $2,000 in cost, stretches across a home's roof, then the rods are connected by thick copper wires to a metal stake hammered in the ground. The surge protectors are installed along with the lightning rods.

The system has to protect thousands of volts, so professionals should carry out the instalation.



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