I-Team: Wounded no more

Woman gets help, thanks to viewers

WARNING: Some of the video is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers. 9 News felt without the graphic images, we couldn't convey the desperation this Tri-State family is feeling.

HAMILTON, Ohio- Linda Conrad's deep stomach wound is finally healing properly. A hospital sent the Hamilton woman home after surgery in April with a gaping wound that would take six months to close. Social workers told Conrad Medicaid wouldn't pay for home health care or a special medical device that would hasten the healing. That left her husband, a retired forklift operator, to change dressings inside her body twice a day.

After an initial report on 9 News, viewers responded with dozens of offers, including free medical care.

It seems the help came just in time, as doctors at Ft. Hamilton Hospital's Center for Wound Healing discovered that the wound was healing improperly.

"If that (wound) would have closed up the way I was doing it," said Roger Conrad. "It would have left a cavity and that hole could have gotten infected and busted open again."

Doctors put in place a new medical regimen that has remedied that issue. Linda also got that special medical device, called a wound vac. The hold already is about one-third smaller and healing should take about six weeks instead of six months.

The hospital's Dr. Manish Sachdeva said he's offering his services "because it's the right thing to do."

The relief is evident on Linda and Roger Conrad's faces.

"No more worries about him changing the bandages twice a day," said Linda.

Roger looks at his wife of 42 years and sees her as she was before the ordeal.

"She's beautiful. She's always been beautiful. I mean what man wouldn't do whatever he had to to do to keep her alive," he said.

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