Hyde Park Flasher: Suspected peeping tom active in Oakley on Tuesday morning

CINCINNATI – The man commonly referred to as the “Hyde Park flasher” may have struck again.

At least that is what a group of women in Oakley believe after spotting a man watching them in a boutique fitness gym early Tuesday morning.

The actions of a man committing a sex act on himself while observing the women from across the street from The Body Boutique was reported to police, who canvassed the area but could not locate a suspect.

Police said the actions reported fit the description of multiple past reports of a man in the Hyde Park and Oakley area exposing himself in the morning hours between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Those other reports date back at least two years.

One resident in Oakley, Shannon O’Connor, said she finds the reported activity disconcerting.

“It scares me because I live down the street,” O’Connor said. “So, it’s concerning.”

Cincinnati police recommend anyone who sees the flasher, or suspicious activity to call  911 immediately.

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