Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati to pay for police patrol

CINCINNATI - The casino presents a new challenge for the Cincinnati Police Department and  9 On Your Side reporter Jay Warren looked into how police will keep people safe around the casino.

Starting Monday, the casino will pay for three officers to patrol around the outside of the casino, while they will use their own security force inside.

In addition, the security cameras in the parking lot are modern and well placed so there will not be an area that the cameras can't see, Jay Warren reports.

"We're going to have sufficient staffing of officers," Police Chief James Craig said. "We're going to have officers on bikes and on Segway's. So our primary focus is going to be on the safety and security outside and there will be gaming commissioners inside to deal with gaming related crimes, but certainly any other crime that should happen like in any venue in the city, we'll take the same type of action we would in any case."

In addition to what the police are doing, traffic will be at the top of the list of concerns for the city.

The Regional Emergency Operations Center will be looking at the entire area with cameras Monday. If there are choke points, the city will deploy people to help re-direct traffic if necessary.

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