Melting snow, refreeze causes traffic headaches

CINCINNATI -- Interstates across the Tri-State are expected to have patches of high water in the next few days due to warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast. But before the warmer weather set in, residents were handed yet another rough commute Tuesday morning when wet roads turned to black ice.

Roads in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana were inundated with crashes and vehicles sliding off roadways. The patches of black ice were difficult for motorists to see, which caused headaches for early commuters.

Here is a picture of one of the many crashes Tuesday morning . Photo by WCPO photographer Dwayne Slavey.

As temperatures rise, the concern turns to high water affecting traffic flow.

Near the area of I-75 near Tylersville Road, water stood a foot and a half deep on Monday, according to Sgt. Scott Bierer of the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP).

He said it's important to use caution when driving along roads where standing water could accumulate.

Tips Sgt. Bierer gave to drivers include:  

  • Watch your speed, reduce your speed
  • Look ahead at traffic
  • Look at what's around you and in front of you, not just what's ahead
  • Watch traffic half a quarter mile up the road, see what it's doing
  • Anticipate anything coming your way
  • Watch for other cars changing lanes or breaking immediately, or hitting high water or ice, so you have time to stop

Before you head out, check the latest traffic conditions along your route on WCPO's Tri-State Traffic page .

WCPO reporter Amy Wadas contributed to this report.


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