Cincinnati doctor steps up to help Jamaican bobsled team compete at 2014 Sochi Olympics

CINCINNATI -- A Cincinnati doctor who competed in the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer is stepping up to help the 2014 Jamaican bobsled team “feel the rhythm and feel the rhyme.”

Chiropractor Dr. Tim McCrossen has reached out to the team’s captain, Winston Watts, to help their Olympic dreams come true.

Watts is the same competitor portrayed in the 1993 film “Cool Runnings.” McCrossen and Watts became friends in 1994 at the Lillehammer Games when McCrossen was the brakeman on Team USA’s bobsled team.

“We’d see each other every day on the hill,” McCrossen said.

With the 2014 competition right around the corner, Watts and his team are hard at work, preparing for the bobsled trials. They qualified, but had no money to travel, and certainly no funds for decent bobsled gear.

“Sometimes I look at myself,” Watts said. “And say ‘Yes, we are crazy.’”

McCrossen learned of the team’s financial barrier in a story online. He immediately sent money to his friend so they could get some proper equipment, remembering his days in Lillehammer.

“When I opened up my practice here in Cincinnati, I reached out to them and they came and did a grand opening, and signed copies of ‘Cool Runnings,’” McCrossen said.

Watts and his Jamaican bobsled team will get the chance to compete in Sochi, thanks to their friend in Cincinnati who never forgot the feeling of cool runnings.

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