Having Cincinnati woes? Following @CincyProblems on Twitter may help ease the pain

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati problems. Who hasn't had them? If you want reassurance that you're not alone in your annoyance about traffic, questionable drivers and people who don't understand serving chili over spaghetti, look no further than the @CincyProblems Twitter account.

@CincyProblems answered 9 questions for WCPO Digital, giving an inside glimpse into the otherwise anonymous account.

1. How did you come up with this Twitter handle?

I can’t remember which Twitter I saw, but there was a “problems,” I think it might have been like “@FloridaProblems,” or something like that. I saw one, noticed there wasn’t one for Cincinnati and just decided to make it one day. It started with zero followers. Now, almost two years later, it’s almost up to 16,000 followers. It’s awesome.

2. What has been your most successful tweet?

There have been a few. Definitely the one that was “What was that sound? Was it a gunshot or fireworks?” I kind of make it a recurring tweet.

There was one I did that is kind of a “Never forget the Touchdown Jesus” introducing the new one. I actually helped coin the name “$5 Footlong Jesus.” So that one I think got about 500 retweets, which is probably one of my biggest. I’d say if a tweet gets over 200 (retweets) I’m likely to tweet that again.

3.  Any future plans for @CincyProblems, for example T-shirts, appearances, a Facebook or website?

… I’m working with Cincy Shirts right now to do a partnership to do an official line of @CincyProblems that will be launching. We’re starting out with five shirts and adding a new on every week, every two weeks.

4.  Are you surprised by the response to @CincyProblems?

I am. When I created it, I thought it would be a great idea. But I never imagined that It would’ve gotten to this point, where basically if I want to get something trending in Cincinnati. All I have to do is do it, and wait a few minutes and it’s trending. It’s awesome and kind of scary at the same time to have that kind of power.

5. How do you think up the tweets?

I went to the University of Cincinnati. I recently graduated I have pretty much lived in Cincy in my whole life.  With a tweet you can’t just throw it out there, you've got to word it in a way that people will want to share it and even offline talk about it. I think one of my favorite moments was when I first created @CincyProblems, I didn’t even tell most of my friends.

6. Are any Cincy-related topics off limits?

Originally, since I went to UC, I was doing a lot of pro-UC and kind of against Xavier and kind of against other things that were anti-UC. I’ve come away from that, because I have a lot of Xavier followers. It is @CincyProblems, not just the University of Cincinnati.

7. We recently noticed you tweeting about changes in neighborhoods like Over-the-Rhine. Are you using the account to promote the city as well?

I definitely want to. I’ve kind of been more positive. My original tagline was “It’s not easy living in the ‘Nasti.” Now I have “It’s not easy living in the ‘Nati.” Kind of the update of OTR and I think the general view of Cincy is just getting better, with the casino, with new businesses and updates like that.

8.  How do you choose who to retweet?

I get a lot of people tweeting at @CincyProblems. I would say half of it is just negative. (I get) “The traffic on 75 sucks right now, OMG OMG @CincyProblems.” Trying to call somebody out. Yelling at Mike Brown or something and those general negatives, or kind of like “The traffic sucks.” I usually don’t retweet those people. If it's something I would tweet or something that is structured in a good way I’m more inclined to retweet those people.

9. Any final thoughts?

I would say, something that most people don’t know is I do love Cincinnati. So this is definitely a humorous kind of positive type of spin on all of the problems that arise in Cincinnati.

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