Happy homecoming: PFC Cody Curless returns from Afghanistan, meets infant son for first time

Welcome home, Dad! Milford soldier meets baby son

CINCINNATI - You've been there before: Waiting at the airport, scanning the crowd of returning travelers, searching for the person you love.

On Wednesday, Chelsi Curless anxiously waited for her husband, Private First Class Cody Curless, who's returning from Afghanistan.

Chelsi knew how excited Cody was to hold his son, Cayden, for the first time.

Cayden, who was born in October, had no idea that this wait would be worth it.

And then finally, there he was, standing in front of them as he walked down the corridor from the plane.

Almost as if no one else was there, PFC Curless headed straight for his son.

PFC Curless had missed Cayden's birth, except in pictures, and had only seen him via webcam.

Finally, it was here, the moment Cody had waited for: the chance to hold his son in his arms.

And then with a little help from a bottle, and a lot of love, a lifetime of father-son bonding began.

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