Tony Ringer: Found guilty in murder of pregnant ex-girlfriend, wants sentence reduced

Hearing continued

CINCINNATI -- A former barbershop owner found guilty in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend appeared in court Wednesday to make an appeal to reduce his sentence, but his case was continued.

Judge Nadine Allen had to recuse herself from the hearing because she knows the victim's family. A future court date was not set.

Tony Ringer was sentenced to 21 years in prison after admitting he shot 25-year-old Cassandra Betts in the head as they sat in her car December 21, 2000.

Prosecutors say Ringer killed Betts when she refused to abort their unborn child. He was supposed to marry another woman a few days before the deadly shooting outside a Woodlawn car repair shop.

"You have taken a wonderful woman from us,” Kamisha Bostice, Betts’ sister, said at Ringer's trial. “We loved her so much.”

Ringer’s mother said her son didn’t deserve to hear the words of hate from the victim’s relatives.

“We are not saying that we don’t care,” Alycia Ringer said. “We’re not saying that we don’t think that this was OK. We’re saying that we know that something, that it was a mistake. And the only people know truly is Tony, God, and Cassandra.”

Ringer wouldn’t face the victim’s family until Betts’ mother asked him to look at her.

Outside the courtroom, Ringer said he was relieved his life was spared.

“I pray to God for forgiveness for that,” Ringer said. “That’s all I can possibly do.”


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