Residents living in Winton Terrace home with no heat, no response from CMHA

CINCINNATI -- The freezing temperatures make going outside difficult, but some Winton Terrace residents have been forced to live with no heat.

WCPO reporter Scott Wegener spoke to one family about their frustration. Ursula Thompson huddled in blankets to try and keep herself and her 1-year-old son warm.

"Might as well stand outside," she said.

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How long can kids be outside in the cold?

She lives in the Winton Terrace apartment complex in northern Cincinnati. The property is run by the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA). The structure is made up of four units, and the homes on either side of the Thompson house have steam coming from the chimneys - showing that the boilers across the way are working.

Another neighbor with small children says there has been no heat in that unit, either.

Thompson said she called CMHA, and that there was a work order filed with the maintenance staff.

"She wasn't sure they were going to get out here today," Thompson said. "It's four degrees outside."

CMHA responded to no calls made from WCPO Friday. Several messages were left to try and get help for the Thompsons.

"It's literally freezing in here," Thompson said.

Her only option to stay warm, she feels is to turn on her gas stove and oven, even knowing the risk and dangers of boiling water to find some heat. She hopes someone from CMHA will help get needed warmth back in her home.

"I can't go an entire weekend with no heat in my house," Thompson said.



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