Phone call helps two stolen puppies to be rescued from thieves

CINCINNATI -- Two puppies - a shih tzu mix and a Chihuahua mix are back where there they belong, safe and sound, after being snatched by young thieves Sunday afternoon.

Mike Raleigh owns Animal House Pet Store in Mount Healthy. He said two girls carried large handbags into his store at about 4:15 p.m., put one puppy in each bag and walked out. His shop's surveillance camera caught the entire robbery.

The shoplifting happened while two men distracted Raleigh and another employee, making it easy for two girls to get away with the pups.

A Forest Park woman heard about the puppy theft, knew where the puppies were taken and called Raleigh with the helpful tip Monday morning - the tip that saved the day.

"(The woman) Gave me the address," Raleigh said. "I went to the location, the residence, and at that point I was able to identify this puppy in particular that was there. We were notified the other puppy was at a residence about five houses down."

When Raleigh showed up at the first house, he said the family had no idea the shih tzu mix was stolen.

"She happened to be babysitting a little girl, which happened to be the daughter of the people that stole the puppy," Raleigh said. "The little girl was able to tell us where she lives and where the other puppy was."

It wasn't the theft that worried Raleigh, but rather, the safety of the animals.

"We look forward to finding each one of these guys a great home and not knowing what happened, where they're at, how they're being cared for is really scary," he said.

The two girls have warrants out for their arrest and are charged with misdemeanor theft.

Now that the puppies are back at Animal House, both need loving, forever homes.

Interested? Visit Animal House online, or call (513) 931-6139.


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