Making a Difference: Chuck Proudfit founded At Work on Purpose to integrate Christian faith and work

MONTGOMERY, Ohio - Our weekly feature shines the spotlight on those unsung heroes among us: people who do good things for others every day, whether as a volunteer or as part of their job.

WHO: Chuck Proudfit
WHAT HE DOES: Help working Christians integrate their faith into their work
WHERE HE DOES IT: Montgomery, Ohio

After graduating from Harvard in 1987, Chuck Proudfit moved to Cincinnati for a job that to many might seem promising. However, as a young man, he soon became disenchanted working for Procter & Gamble. For Proudfit, promoting an indirect price increase as “new and improved” felt empty and ultimately led him on a search for more fulfilling work.

Proudfit’s search led him to Christianity. As he continued to seek his purpose, he discovered that many Christians do not integrate faith into work. In 2003, he founded the nonprofit organization At Work on Purpose which is aimed at helping working Christians integrate their faith into work by addressing and offering spiritual solutions to what the organization calls five work life struggles:

Sacred versus secular. Many Christians view work as being separate from their faith. To combat this idea, At Work on Purpose volunteers focus on work as a form of worship.

Calling versus career. In Christian circles, a calling refers to God’s purpose for an individual, while career represents a worldly job path driven by money. The At Work on Purpose solution is to define God’s purpose for an individual and discern if he or she can fulfill that purpose in his or her current job.

Righteousness versus compromise. At Work on Purpose calls the key to overcoming this ethical struggle following Biblical principals, such as honesty.

Growth versus stagnation. While some find themselves focused on their next paycheck, At Work on Purpose volunteers encourage members to seek spiritual development through work.

Stewardship versus ownership. At Work on Purpose highlights the biblical teaching that everything belongs to God. Christians are taught that they are stewards rather than owners and that they should extend their prosperity.

“When people realize it’s not just about us, it’s about them and it’s not just about making money but about making a difference, it changes their perspectives,” Proudfit said.

Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals who want to get involved with At Work on Purpose. Volunteer roles are based on an individual’s skills and experience.

Marketplace leaders, such as CEOs, sometimes offer workshops through the organization. Experts in information technology may find they are more suited to assisting as part of the digital support team. Those who wish to offer their expertise can get involved by filling out a contact form on the organization’s website. Monetary donations also are accepted through the website.

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