10 Montgomery runners complete Tri-State Running Company 5K


Ten athletes from Montgomery completed the Tri-State Running Company 5K on May 3 in Cincinnati.

The runners from Montgomery and their finishing times were Juliet Horenziak, 25:04; Jen Horenziak, 25:04; Steve Horenziak, 29:17; Will Horenziak, 29:17; Pam McCallen, 29:23; Rodel Edjan, 38:11; Hannah Feng, 38:45; Alexander Feng, 38:45; Michelle Day, 49:24; and Ted Day, 57:47.

According to results accessed May 24 at the Online Race Results website, race organizers said 5,087 runners finished the 5K race, which began and ended at Yeatman's Cove.

Frondorf was the men's and overall winner, while Clark was the winner in the women's category.