Police: Suspicious driver seen lurking around local elementary school

CINCINNATI -- A suspicious driver seen lurking around the Mariemont Elementary School has local police on high alert.

Investigators say the man approached a girl on the sidewalk while she was walking home from school and the latest incident involved a student playing on the jungle gym who noticed the same car in the school parking lot.

The man is described as a white male in his 40s with many arm tattoos. Police say he has been seen driving an older model green SUV or van.

In a letter sent out to parents from Mariemont City Schools, they ask everyone to be on alert for suspicious persons close to the school building:

This is a general safety reminder that if you see a vehicle or person(s) of suspicious nature around our school buildings, please CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. Please also try your best to obtain any physical and location descriptors of the person(s) and/or vehicle(s), including license plate numbers. This information is invaluable for police inquiries.

Over the past month, the police have been made aware of a few incidents involving a white male in his 40s with heavy tattoos, driving an older model green SUV/van. The local police departments are on aggressive patrol looking for the vehicle and person that match this description. If you see any person or vehicle matching the description above, please call 911 immediately. The police always have very active patrols around the schools in this district but have recently increased patrol until this situation is resolved.

Both the school district and the local police departments take all situations such as these very seriously, and it is crucial that people report these cases immediately. The safety of the students, staff, parents and community members in our school district is extremely important to all of us.

Thank you and have a good day.

WCPO reporter Mario Ramirez spoke with police who ask anyone with information regarding this incident to call 911.

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