22 Harrison runners complete Tri-State Running Company 5K


A total of 22 athletes from Harrison completed the Tri-State Running Company 5K on May 3 in Cincinnati.

The runners from Harrison and their finishing times were Luke King, 23:23; Kelli Vanselow, 26:28; Scott Brinkman, 29:04; Sarah Schwab, 32:06; Jeffrey Schwab, 32:08; Mike King, 32:37; Sandra Kauffman, 32:41; Matt Revecky, 35:40; Jennifer Revecky, 35:40; Grace Miller, 36:46; Brian Brennan, 37:14; Lisa Jacobs, 39:01; Paige King, 43:40; Amy Mullis, 44:14; Karen Renz, 44:58; Bethann Green, 49:40; Jennifer Stevens, 49:40; Tim McDonald, 55:28; Janice McLean, 1:02:06; Mary Hornback, 1:04:22; Amber Payne, 1:05:49; and Chris Payne, 1:05:52.

According to results accessed May 24 at the Online Race Results website, race organizers said 5,087 runners finished the 5K race, which began and ended at Yeatman's Cove.

Brett Frondorf was the men's and overall winner with a finishing time of 16:28, while Becky Clark was the winner in the women's category with a time of 17:23.