14 Harrison runners complete Freestore Foodbank Hunger Walk & Run 5K


Fourteen athletes from Harrison completed the Freestore Foodbank Hunger Walk & Run 5K on May 26 in Cincinnati.

The runners from Harrison and their finishing times were Michael Moeller, 21:43; Jessica Baker, 24:38; Kelli Vanselow, 26:36; Barb Reist, 26:52; Jennifer Runck, 33:20; Jeff Runck, 33:21; Barb Feilhauer, 39:56; Amy Luipold, 53:41; Eric Sutthoff, 58:46; Bob Steffen, 58:55; Karen Sutthoff, 1:04:24; Judy Jackson, 1:07:52; Rob Smith, 1:07:53; and Bill Jackson, 1:07:58.

According to results accessed June 8 at the Race Mine website, race organizers said 3,538 runners finished the 5K race, which began and ended at Sawyer Point.

Jacob Hanser, of Falmouth, was the men's and overall winner with a finishing time of 17:37, while Frances Tracy, of Fort Thomas, was the winner in the women's category with a time of 21:02.