Bring Back Our Girls: Local woman's heart in her Nigeria home amidst kidnappings

CINCINNATI -- A woman who moved to Forest Park in 1996 counts her blessings living in America, but her heart remains at home in western Nigeria as she watches atrocities unfold.

Chika Okwumo's family lives in western Nigeria.

About 300 teen girls were abducted from a boarding school in the northern part of the country by the terrorist group Boko Haram on April 15. The same terrorist group takes credit for a massacre that killed 150 people.

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Okwumo shakes her head at the Nigerian government and feels it could do more to help free the girls. She says the country itself is not the problem.

"It's not all of Nigeria that has the view. It's just this group," she said. "Me being a woman myself, it's annoying to hear that they're kidnapping women because they don't want them to get an education or (they want to) sell them as brides."

Okwumo majored in women's studies at University of Cincinnati, and chose the major because of the turmoil in her home country.

She hopes learning about women's issues will help her make a difference in Forest Park and back at home.

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