Katelyn Markham case: 'There's no total relief or satisfaction until there's a good clue'

CEDAR GROVE, Ind. --Days after searchers found more remains  that could belong to Katelyn Markham, her father said he’s found little relief concerning his daughter’s unsolved homicide.

"There's never total relief until there is a good clue or a good lead or something promising,” said David Markham. “Yes, it's comforting.  More of her will be back, and I'm closer to having all of her. But, there's no total relief or satisfaction until there's a good clue."

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Katelyn Markham disappeared from her Fairfield, Ohio apartment in August 2011. It would take nearly a year and a half for authorities to find and identify parts of her remains after Andy Hicks came across her skull in a plastic bag in Cedar Grove, Ind. while searching for scrap at a dumpsite.

Police gained little insight into Katelyn’s final hours, or who may have played a part in her death from that initial grisly discovery. In August 2013, an Indiana coroner was finally able to rule Katelyn’s death a homicide.

"I felt she was home a year ago,” David Markham said. “At that point, I felt she was whole. Come to find out she wasn't. She never will be. It's more comforting getting more of her back."

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Searchers returned to the site where those remains were first found over the past weekend. Indiana State Police said they received an anonymous call on April 10 stating visitors to a memorial erected to Katelyn there spotted more remains.

A volunteer search team of about 15 people, including Markham’s family, began investigating the site Saturday, April 19 and discovered solitary human bones later in the day, authorities said.

"Anything new, a fresh set of eyes, somebody looking at it a different way, a new team, obviously we haven't come up with much yet, and each little piece is maybe one step closer," David Markham said of Saturday.

A forensic anthropologist in Indianapolis will conduct a post-mortem examination and confirm the identity of the new skeletal remains.

"I believe God is going to reveal things at the appropriate time,” David Markham said of Saturday’s discovery. “It's frustrating it's not now. That keeps me going. I don't question His plan. I do believe He has a plan, and I do believe I will see an end to this. So I'll wait, I'll look, I'll help. I think time will tell. When she was first discovered, I just came back from Arkansas. Our team did looking for a missing child. So I thought is this a reward? Its time for you to get another piece of the puzzle, a year later almost to the day. I don't try and figure those things out. It's too much thinking. Other things to worry about."

ISP and Fairfield police are working jointly in their investigation into Markham’s death. They ask anyone with information to call ISP at 812-689-5000 or Fairfield police at 513-867-6094.

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