Living In Fairfax: Outsiders know it's home Frisch's Mainliner, but claim to fame is schools, jobs

FAIRFAX, Ohio - Are you curious about why people choose one neighborhood or community over another? Each week, you can "visit" a new part of the Tri-State with our series, "Living In...."

Fairfax is a small community made up of many long-time residents; the kind of place where it’s quite common for generation after generation to grow up, buy homes and raise their own families, according to Mayor Carson Shelton.

Although it’s home to fewer than 2,000 residents, Fairfax’s daytime population expands to nearly 18,000, as workers pour in to business and industrial areas along Red Bank Road, Wooster Pike and Virginia Avenue.

"We abut the city of Cincinnati on our northern and western borders. Because of our convenient east/west connection to downtown Cincinnati via U.S. 50 (Wooster Pike) and the north/south connection to I-71 via Red Bank Road, Fairfax is a true crossroads community that has a small and friendly residential area in an excellent school district (Mariemont City Schools), but also attracts many businesses that help to sustain our economic and financial vitality,” Shelton said.

WCPO Insiders can read what drew a family from out-of-state to this small, sometimes overlooked, east-side community. Plus, development east of the iconic Frisch's Mainliner is turning heads.

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