Village council member says he will ask Elmwood Place mayor to resign

ELMWOOD PLACE, Ohio - A village council member told 9 News he will ask the mayor of Elmwood Place to step down at Tuesday night's meeting because of the controversy from the new robo-cameras.

"I plan on asking the mayor to resign at our next council meeting," said Jerald Robertson, Elmwood Place
Village Council Member.Stephanie Morgan is the mayor of Elmwood Place.

Elmwood Place started using three robo-cameras in September. Drivers have expressed anger and frustration since the tickets cost $105 a piece. Some of the tickets state the offense occurred in Elmwood Place, Md., instead of Ohio. Others complained that they had to send their fines to a private company in Cleveland and Arizona.

The village secretary tells 9 News the cameras have brought in $245,000.

An administrative review hearing is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 17.  An outside magistrate will hear from those fighting the tickets.
The village council meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

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