Robotic cameras spark controversy in Elmwood Place; council member wants mayor to resign

ELMWOOD PLACE, Ohio - Controversial robotic cameras were at the forefront of an Elmwood Place Village Council meeting Tuesday night where one council member asked the mayor to resign.

Councilmember Jerald Robertson says mismanagement of the robotic cameras and lawsuits filed against the city regarding other issues are reasons Mayor Stephanie Morgan should resign.

"It is my intent to start circulating a petition to put it on the ballot to have you recalled," Robertson told Morgan at Tuesday night.

Robertson voted in favor of the robotic cameras and says he still feels they're working. He says he takes issue with how the controversy surrounding the cameras has been handled by Morgan.

Morgan refused to resign and says she's confident she will not be recalled.

"I have very good reason to believe a petition will be very easy to get signed, she will be recalled," said Robertson.

Elmwood Place Police Chief William Peskin brought the idea for the cameras to council. He says they're needed because of a lack of full-time officers in the village.

"Why this continues to fall on the shoulders of the mayor I cant understand it," said Peskin.

Residents against the cameras say they're causing more harm than good because drivers are taking more side streets to avoid getting a ticket.

The cameras have generated $245,000 for the village.

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