Hundreds more Elmwood Place robo-cam tickets dismissed

New electronic tablet expected to end freebies

ELMWOOD PLACE, Ohio - The number of robo-camera tickets dismissed in Elmwood Place due to a malfunctioning electronic tablet now stands at 786.

However, that number is where the early Christmas presents are likely to end.

Elmwood Place Police Chief William Peskin said an additional 308 were dismissed during Wednesday's Mayor's Court session. That's in addition to 478 tossed out last Saturday.

Chief Peskin said the problem is not in the cameras that captured people exceeding the speed limit, just the tablet that stores the data used as evidence.

A new tablet is on order and expected soon, possibly in time for Saturday's Mayor's Court docket.

According to Chief Peskin, there's been confusion over what is and isn't being dismissed. That's why he sent an email to 9 On Your Side to clear things up.

"The only citations that are being dismissed are those that were scheduled for hearings Dec. 8 and 12," he wrote. "We are not giving refunds to anyone that has paid the notice of liability.  There is not an issue with the cameras.  The issue was with the tablet that we read the court documents from."

Attorney Mike Allen has asked for a temporary restraining order to halt the robo-camera program. A hearing on that issue is set for Jan. 2, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. before Hamilton County Common Pleas Court
Judge Robert Ruehlman.

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