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Attorney Mike Allen files class-action lawsuit over Elmwood Place speed cameras Elmwood Place speed cameras

Attorney Mike Allen files class-action lawsuit over Elmwood Place speed cameras

City, camera operator appeals judge's injunction

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CINCINNATI - The fight over the Elmwood Place speed cameras isn't close to over just yet.

Attorney Mike Allen announced Thursday that he filed an amended complaint that would add class-action allegations on behalf of drivers who were affected by the city's automated traffic enforcement program. This would be an amendment to a previous lawsuit he filed against the city.

The suit is seeking repayment from the city for the tickets.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman ruled on March 7 that the speed camera program violated the rights of drivers and ordered an injunction against it.

Allen's office said a dedicated line has been set up for anyone who has already paid their tickets and wants information. That line can be reached at 513-549-0320 or by emailing .

In addition to the class-action suite, Allen has added another motion against Elmwood Place.

Allen wants to add a motion of contempt of court against Elmwood place for issuing a citation after the judge told them to stop the speed camera program.  

The attorney said he wants to recover money for the thousands of people who paid their citation.

"We are attempting to do and it's just the beginning and we need permission from the court to do this. I think we'll get it. We're attempting to recover money for those people that shelled out 100 and five bucks to pay the Village of Elmwood and Opti-traffic," said Allen.

Ruehlman already ordered the city pay back 10 plaintiffs who filed suit against the city with Allen. In that case, the judge also said the city had to pay for legal fees.

The ruling also stipulated that any new hearings were invalid and could not go forward. The city was ordered not to collect any money from the tickets.

The Village of Elmwood Place and the operator of the cameras were expected to file an appeal to rescind the Hamilton County judge's earlier ruling.

Attempts to reach city officials have not been returned.

Below is a readable file of the lawsuit Allen's office filed with the court:




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