Delhi Township homes damaged by flood water

CINCINNATI - Friday's rain storm caused severe flood damage to 17 homes on Rapid Run Rd. in Delhi Township.

"When the water is muddy we know we're in trouble because we have a lot of runoff from the hills," said Doug Lynch, a Delhi Township resident.

Lynch lives at one of the four homes along Rapid Run that will be torn down after they were bought by the city. The Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District received a grant from FEMA to buy the properties.

The problem is the sewer system under Rapid Run.

Kathy Rahtz, with the Metropolitan Sewer District, says there is nothing they can do to keep the homes from flooding.

Rahtz says the city is paying for the clean-up of each home, which will cost between $4,000 and $5,000 per house.

Money for the clean-up comes from rate payer funds.

Rahtz says the homes slated for demolition will be torn down sometime this year.

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