Judge sentences driver for Colerain Twp. crash that killed his 2 passengers

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A driver who pleaded guilty to his involvement in a deadly Colerain Township crash was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison with a lifetime driving ban.

Kyle Stein, 18, pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide after he lost control of his 200 Audi A6 and slammed into a parked vehicle in September 2013.

Police said Stein tested positive for marijuana and alcohol and he was speeding when the crash happened.

Stein was driving on Steed Road with his two friends, 16-year-old Rachel McGrath and 19-year-old Eric Moormann.

McGrath was pronounced dead at the scene. Moormann died at University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

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The McGrath and Moormann families issued very different comments about Stein and the case during the hearing.

Much of that was captured on video by WCPO in the courtroom. That video can be watched in the player above.

McGrath’s grandfather, Larry Lampe, said, “I’ve already forgiven Kyle in my heart because I don’t want to carry vengeance or anger in my heart any longer. We’ve already lost 2 lives in this incident there’s no need to ruin a third.”

Her mother, Lisa McGrath said, “We prayed with him (Kyle) and he told us how sorry he was. Kyle was like a big brother to Rachel. … I miss Rachel everyday but I forgive Kyle.”

The girl’s father, Patrick McGrath, said his heart is broken and that she “had a bright future ahead of her.”

The Moormann family was not as forgiving and had harsh words for Stein and for authorities.

“That was a living nightmare. My youngest son was kneeling in the backyard. My oldest son collapsed in the driveway when I told him,” Moormann’s father, Steven Moormann, said when speaking about the day he learned of his son’s death.

“I had to identify Eric late that night at University Hospital. Eric had a bloody tube in his mouth. His left eye partially open, blood on his face, blood on his ears, blood in his nose and mouth. The staff at University hospital told me not to move the cover off his body because I shouldn’t see it,” Moormann said. “Eric died alone surrounded by no one that loved him.”

The family said they were angry that they weren’t notified so they could make it to the hospital and say goodbye.

The boy’s father also said, “Today we heard a professionally scripted rehearsed apology from you. Your drama background worked well.”

Moormann’s mother, Marie Moormann, said, “I cry for my son Every day. I miss him. I miss his smile, his eyes, his voice. A part of me has died with him. Our family will never be the same. We will never laugh as hard. We will never smile as much. There will always be a piece missing and an empty hole.”

“It’s hard to put in words how I feel about all this,” Stein said during the hearing.

His defense attorney, Scott Croswell, spoke up for Stein, saying things haven’t always come easy for the Miami University student.

“Nothing can be done to change what has occurred because of this accident, his mistakes on the night of this incident. … His guilty plea acknowledges that,” Croswell said.

The attorney said Stein plans to return to college after completing his sentence and “be involved in serving people in the community.”

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