Cheap gas makes political statement

DELHI, Ohio - This isn't the case of someone making a costly mistake at a local gas station.

The $1.89 price tag for a regular gallon of gas was correct Wednesday morning and protesters behind it say they did it to make a statement.

Protesters at the Marathon gas station on Cleves-Warsaw Pike say the cheap gas price was to bring attention to today's high gas prices and to make a political statement about the Obama administration. 

"The average family is struggling. Gas prices are high, energy prices are high and it's really affecting the average family," says Jason Gloyd.

Gloyd says the protest is part of a movement that was started in Tennesse. According to Gloyd, the $1.89 price tag is what the national average for a gallon of gas was prior to President Obama taking office.

Protesters stood outside the gas station with signs that read: "Obama is a pain in the gas."

Gloyd says he hopes to make a statement again at another Tri-State gas station.

Gas was only available at a limited time for $1.89 at the Marathon.

9 News checked on gas prices and according to AAA, gas was not $1.89 prior to President Obama taking office.

AAA says the highest average national gas price was actually recorded four years ago on July 18 at $4.11--prior to President Obama being elected.

A year later, in July 2009, gas was recorded at $2.47.

To find cheap gas prices in the Tri-State, go to .

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