Parents complain about police response to death threat, satanic symbols at St. Teresa Avila School

CINCINNATI – Death threats and satanic symbols at a local Catholic school have parents upset, but the police response has them up in arms.

The threatening message was taped to the front door at St. Teresa Avila School in West Price Hill.

Whoever wrote the note said they were going to kill dozens of kids.

"We immediately took the letter down and we called the police and then just kind of followed their lead," said the principal, Sharon Willmes.

"The police showed up probably about an hour later, after we reported it, and did not tell us to go into lockdown. They recommended we keep the kids in for recess," Willmes said.

When asked, Willmes said police didn't search the building or post anyone outside or look for snipers.

"They didn't do any of that," Willmes said. "They were around at dismissal. There were cars patrolling the area at dismissal."

Their apparent reason for being so relaxed?

"They thought it was a prank," Willmes said.

Willmes told archdiocese officials she was satisfied with the police response, but parent Ron Durham was not.

"That bothers me more than anything," Durham said.

"It appears they aren't taking this very seriously. And for my family, specifically, it seems to be a big problem."

Willmes said she took it seriously.

"I don't want anybody to think I wrote it off. We took it very seriously. I emailed the teachers, we emailed and sent letters home to the parents," Willmes said.

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