Want a free tree for your yard? Apply here

The Cincinnati Park Board is giving away free trees as part of their Fall Tree Releaf 2013 program.

The board is offering a variety of different trees including Allegheny Serviceberry, Galaxy Magnolia, ‘Fall Fiesta’ Sugar Maple and more. You can look through pictures and details on all the choices at http://www.cincinnatiparks.com/images/aboutus/urban_forestry/tree%20selection.pdf .

The board says to qualify for a free tree, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Property must be within Cincinnati city limits.

2. Trees must be planted within 30 feet of the right-of-way or visible from the street. Planting between the street and sidewalk and in backyards is not acceptable.

3. Plant the right tree in the right place. Please consider the mature size of the tree. Be aware of any obstructions from wires, utilities, or other structures.

The board says a high priority is given to planting trees on private property along streets the Park Board cannot plant due to narrow right-of-ways.

Recipients of the trees are responsible for pickup and planting. The board says forestry staff will inspect each planting location before approving tree requests, and will inspect locations after planting to ensure guidelines are followed.

Applications are processed on a first-come first-served basis and are not guaranteed. If you are awarded one of the trees, you will be notified by Oct. 8.

Apply for the free tree by filling out the form below or at http://www.cincinnatiparks.com/images/aboutus/urban_forestry/request%20form%202013.pdf , and mailing it to the listed address.




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