Boy dies after being pulled from Walnut Hills pool

CINCINNATI -- A boy died after being pulled from a Walnut Hills swimming pool Wednesday, June 18.

Tyrell Wyche, 10, was found in Bush Recreation Center Pool, 2640 Kemper Lane, shortly after 7 p.m. that evening.

The boy had a pulse and was transported to Children's Hospital Medical Center.


The Hamilton County Coroner's Office confirmed on Monday Wyche died from complications related to his drowning.

"That was my little friend," said 19-year-old James Taylor who normally swims at the Walnut Hills pool. "Like, he was cool with me, I was cool with him."

Cincinnati's Recreation Department said they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. Cincinnati police ruled the drowning an accident.

When the incident occurred recreation officials said the public pool had a full compliment of lifeguards on duty and that the pool was crowded.

Unlike pools systems such as the YMCA, Cincinnati pools do not require swimmers to wear arm bands that make their level of swimming expertise easily identifiable.

At the YMCA, children 6 to 12 years old are made to wear red, yellow, or green armbands and obey restrictions where young swimmers are able to be alone.

The public pools only require an adult be present with juveniles to enter swimming areas, recreation officials said.

In light of Wyche's death, one grandparent found the lack of testing or armbands unacceptable.

"There has to be a classification of knowing, 'can this kid go in the deep water or not?'" said P.J. Baker.

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