Streetcars rumble through Downtown, Over-the-Rhine during multi-car test

CINCINNATI – Crews for the Cincinnati Street tested out two units via their own power as they roll through Over-the-Rhine and Downtown.

The first multi-vehicle tests along the 3.6-mile route started up Monday morning on Race Street in Over-the-Rhine.

The tests took the cars throughout the northern and southern halves of the loop.

PHOTOS: Multi-car test rumbles through downtown

A police escort rolled along with the cars to help with traffic management as drivers get used to seeing the streetcars rumble along.

Workers had to briefly shut down some roadways as they conducted tests on the streetcars and their power lines.

The crews also conducted short-circuit tests at each of the four power substations the day before.

Vehicles can drive in the same lane as the streetcar and it also has to obey all stoplights and traffic laws. Also, drivers shouldn’t turn in front of it from the center lanes – just like any other vehicle.

Each car is required to log 300 hours of on-track testing before its deemed safe. The streetcar is expected to begin service in September 2016.

streetcar test

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