Families of boys hit by car in South Fairmount are thankful the kids alive

CINCINNATI -- A boy who was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in South Fairmount Wednesday wants the sedan's driver behind bars.

Two friends, 11-year-old Cameren and 9-year-old Jalontae rode their bikes down the sidewalk of Westwood Avenue when the outing turned dangerous. A woman lost control of her Nissan Maxima, drove up onto the sidewalk and struck the boys from behind.

Police believe the 36-year-old driver was speeding and impaired. She had a 7-year-old child riding in the Maxima's back seat at the time of the crash.

Cameren and Jalontae were taken to Children's Hospital.

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Just after the wreck, Cameren Gellenbeck's mother, Stephanie, got news no parent wants to hear.

"I was at my mother's house and I got a phone call and the lady on the other end said 'your son was just hit by a car,'" Stephanie Gellenbeck said. "They were just on their way back, on the side of the street. They were supposed to be on to come home and she just came up on the sidewalk ... and ...  hit them."

Cameren suffered minor injuries, including several broken bones, scratches and a sprained thumb.

"She (the driver) needs to go to jail," Cameren said.

Jalontae wasn't so lucky, as his skull was fractured in the accident.

"It was a horrific scene when I seen him lying there, I mean it was basically like looking at one of my own laying on the ground because I'm so used to having them all with me," Stephanie said.

Jalontae's mother and great grandmother said he had surgery on his leg, and that doctors continued to treat his skull fracture Thursday.

Police are furthering their investigation, but had not yet charged the driver Thursday. According to the detective handling the case, three or four months could pass before any charges are filed.

"We don't know what the impairment was," Lt. Lisa Davis said during initial investigation. "Again, jumping the sidewalk does indicate maybe some impairment or speed. At this point, those tests are being given right now to determine that."

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