Aaron Roseberry homicide: Arrest warrant issued, a father mourns

CINCINNATI, Ohio - In the early hours of Nov. 9, 2012 Cincinnati police say two people wearing black ski masks entered a home in South Fairmount and shot 30-year-old Aaron Roseberry to death.

“Nobody understand it is until they lose a kid,” said Aaron’s father, Michael Roseberry. “When someone just takes your kids life you’re angry, you’re upset.”

The grieving father is still looking for closure.

Almost nine months later, Michael Roseberry, and the police, are one step closer to finding that closure. On Wednesday police said they believed 21-year-old Dionta Thompson was one of the men who broke into Roseberry’s home and forced Aaron to the ground. Police would not say if they believed Thompson was the shooter, but a Hamilton County court did issue a warrant for his arrest.

A second suspect, Alisha Turner, was arrested just days after the shooting.

Roseberry’s father said his son was cooperating with the attackers until his dog came in the room and was shot by a suspect.

“When they shot his dog is when you got up,” Michael Roseberry said. “If he had just stayed down he would still be alive, but when they shot his baby, you know he got up and boom, they shot him.”

Roseberry’s dog survived the shooting. His family even plays with the puppies from its litter. But the man who went by “the Cincinnati kid” is gone and his dad hopes police will soon catch everyone involved in his death.

“I’d like to see everyone involved behind bars. You know, I don’t want to see them dead, but I’d like to see them all suffer, like I’ve been suffering.”

Cincinnati Police are asking anyone with information on the where-abouts of Dionta Thompson to call CrimeStoppers at 513-352-3040.

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