Cincinnati PO Sonny Kim's widow pleading with city not to release video

Hummons family also asked that video stay sealed

CINCINNATI — The widow of Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim has asked the city not to release video footage of the moments surrounding her husband’s death.

Kim, a 27-year veteran of Cincinnati’s police force, was lured to the corner of Whetsel Avenue and Roe Street in Madisonville the morning of June 19 by TrePierre Hummons, in what Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell called a case of “suicide by cop.” Hummons shot and killed Kim during the exchange.

A number of media outlets, including WCPO, have requested a copy of the video footage captured by a dash-camera mounted in the police cruiser of the second officer to respond to the scene.

In letters delivered to Mayor John Cranley, City Manager Harry Black, and Chief Blackwell Friday morning, Kim’s wife, Jessica, wrote:

I am strongly opposed to the idea of having this video available to the public. It is very sad that there are individuals who are taking this tragedy as if it is a spectating event that needs to be shared. I am certain that those of you who have witnessed the video are in full agreement with me that there is absolutely no value to the public in sharing this.

Read Kim's full letter below.

She went on to add that her sons have not seen the footage, and its public release would “only add to the devastation that they have already felt.”

“Sonny was their rock, strong and protective. They should not have to see a broken image of their father like that,” she added.

Hummons' father, Ronald, has also asked that the video footage remain sealed, "not for my comfort," he wrote to Cranley, "but to spare TrePierre's siblings from having to relive that day."

After fatally shooting Kim, Hummons' was also shot and killed by an officer on the scene.

"I implore you not to release this dash cam footage," Hummons wrote. "Let all the families heal, please."

In response, City Manager Harry Black said, “Sonny Kim was truly a hero in every sense of the word… We will continue to do all in our power to honor him and respect the wishes of his family during this terrible and tragic time.”

Black also said that the city is required to abide by all public records laws and said he will confer with the city’s legal department on how best to proceed.


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