Grant from Duke Energy to help Port Authority redevelop part of Roselawn

CINCINNATI -- With the help of a grant from Duke Energy, the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority will turn a vacant Roselawn lot into a new business park.

Several companies could move into the space that was once a site of murders and police runs, where crime after crime happened in and around the notorious Club Ritz nightclub.

Dexter Burroughs was shot to death inside the club in Dec. 2011. The father of the 21-year-old victim wanted the doors of Club Ritz closed for good. Ehling Burroughs gathered 10,000 petitions after Dexter's death to help support his cause.

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Charley Lindemann works next to the where Club Ritz once stood, and remembers the place as a blighted mess.

"People were just bringing trash and leaving it out on the street," Lindemann said.

WCPO reporter Scott Wegener visited the location Tuesday afternoon, when a check for $400,000 was presented to Port Authority.

Soon, the works of a new home for businesses would begin.

"This will be an industrial park called Techsolve II," Laura Brunner of Port Authority said. "We hope that our investment of approximately $4 million will yield $16 million of private investment in construction."

TechSolve II will serve as an expansion to the TechSolve Business Park, according to spokeswoman Sally Thelen for Duke Energy.

Port Authority hopes three to five manufacturing companies will move into TechSolve II within the next two years.

As Lindemann sees it, the development will replace a troubled past with a vibrant future.

"We see the change in the community itself," he said, "and we're proud to be part of it."


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